1. The path - way controlling of neptunium in co - decontamination step of purex process, the extraction thermodynamics of amido podand and its usage in recovery of actinides from simulated hllw have been investigated. more than 95 % np were maintained in np ( v ) in 1a extractor and flowed into 1 aw, if enough amount of hno2 was added in feed adjustment and then hno2 scavenger ( urea ) was added before extraction. three kinds of amido podand were synthesized, and the extraction of lanthanides, actinides and some fission products were studied. one of them ( tbopda, n, n, n ', n " - tetrabutyl - 3 - oxa - pantenadiamide ) was used as extractant to recover actinides from hllw. the results of experiments show that more than 99. 99 % actinides were recovered from hllw and separated basically in groups. the main digests are as follows : 1

      鎿走向控制研究中通過調價階段加入亞硝酸、而萃取前清除亞硝酸的獨特辦法可以將大於95的鎿趕入1aw 。合成了三種酰胺莢醚萃取劑,研究了它們對錒系和裂片元素的萃取熱力學,通過條件實驗選擇了其中一種莢醚tbopda ( n , n , n 』 , n 』 ?四丁基? 3 ?氧戊二酰胺) ,進行了從模擬高放廢液中分離錒鑭系元素的工藝研究,錒系的回收率大於99 . 99 ,並且基本上實現了錒鑭元素的組分離。其要點如下: 1