oxidizing ability中文意思是什麼

oxidizing ability解釋

  • oxidizing: 氧化的氧化作用
  • ability: n 能,能力,本領,技能;〈pl 〉 才,才能,才幹。 financial abilities 財力。 a man of ability 有本...

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  2. I am afraid he lacks the ability to be ruthless.

  3. J. f maston seconded him to the best of his ability.

  4. I feel keenly that my ability falls short of my wishes.

  5. Glucose could obviously increase the flux of n2o among the carbon sources detected. that the methane - oxidizing bacteria probably were also one of microbiological populations producing n2o was proposed, based on research work. 2 ) methane oxidation ability of green - house soil was detected