p-n junction中文意思是什麼

p-n junction解釋
【物理學】p-n 結。

  • p:
  • n: 1. 【羅馬數字】90〈N=90000〉。2. 【化學】=nitrogen. 3. =North(ern)。N =nuclear 核的:N-waste 核廢料。
  • junction: n. 1. 接合,連接,連絡。2. 接合點,交叉點,(河流的)匯合處,(鐵道的)聯軌點。3. 【電學】中繼線。4. 【物理學】接頭,結。

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  1. Synthesis of glucosyl esters of p -. n, n - bis 2 - chloroethyl amino benzoic acid

  2. Marine insurance policy of certificate in duplicate, indorsed in blank, for full invoice value plus 10 percent stating claim payable in thailand covering fpa as per ocean marine cargo clause of the people ' s insurance company of china dated 1 / 11981, including t. p. n. d. loss and / or damage caused by heat, ship ' s sweat and odoour, hoop - rust, breakage of packing

    保險單或保險憑證一式二份,空白背書,按發票金額加10 %投保,聲明在泰國賠付,根據中國人民保險公司1981年1月1日的海洋運輸貨物保險條款投保平安險,包括偷竊提貨不著,受熱船艙發汗,串味,鐵箍銹損,包裝破裂所導致的損失。
  3. P - n junction edge effectp - n

  4. Generally the minority carriers accumulated by the cell are generated either directly from the p - n junction or the distance between the generated minority carriers and the junction is less than the diffusion length of the minority carriers

    通常的太陽電池收集的少數載流子要麼是產生於p - n結,要麼是少數載流子距離結的距離必須小於其擴散長度。
  5. Polycrystalline diamond films were deposited on n - type si substrates. in order to achieve a better distribution of the implanted element, boron ions were implanted by two steps. the i - v curves were studied, the p - n junction effect is very evident

    在n型引襯底上沉積一層連續的金剛石膜,通過二次離子注入的方法使b離子比較均勻的分佈在金剛石膜中,通過測量i - v曲線,可以明顯的看出p - n結效應的存在。