n. 名詞 1. 和平主義者;綏靖主義者。
2. 持消極態度者。
adj. 形容詞 =pacifistic.


    1. I ' m a pacifist, like gandhi

    2. The government sees the mission as proof of japan ' s global commitment ; mr ozawa says it breaches the country ' s pacifist constitution

    3. It took a coalition of social democrats and greens, both with strong pacifist leanings, to send the bundeswehr into armed combat, thus breaking the post - war taboo

    4. It reached north america in the sixties and we experienced the civil rights movements - one pacifist ( dr king ) and one more revolutionary ( malcolm x and the panthers )

      它在六十年代進入北美洲,我們經歷了民權運動? ?一種和平主義(馬丁路德金博士) ,還有更加革命性的(馬爾科姆x和黑豹) 。
    5. Soka gakkai, the 8m - household - strong buddhist organisation behind the party, with a pacifist streak, was one of the first to call for mr kyuma ' s resignation

      擁有和平背景的創價學會- - - - - -該黨背後這個擁有800萬成員的佛教組織,是要求久間先生辭職的始作俑者之一。