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  • pack: vt 安插[挑選]自己人充任(委員等);拉攏,收買。 pack a committee 糾集自己人充實委員會。pack cards...
  • attack: vt 1 攻擊 (opp defend)。2 非難,抨擊。3 著手,動手,投入。4 (疾病)侵襲。5 【化學】腐蝕。n 1 ...

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  1. The enclosed photograph illustrates the overseas philatelic products to be put on sale as from 17 november 2005. it includes " be proud of our motherland - china s shenzhou vi space mission " presentation pack ( picture 1 ) issued by china post, " australian native trees " stamp set of 5 ( picture 2 ) issued by australia post, " let s dance - bailemos " minipane ( 5 sets of 20 self - adhesive stamps ) ( picture 3 ) issued by usps, " classic itv " stamp set of 6 ( picture 4 ) issued by royal mail photograph provided by hongkong post

    包括由中國郵政發行的」我為祖國驕傲」神州六號套摺(圖1 ) 、由澳洲郵政發行的澳洲珍木郵票(一套五枚) (圖2 ) 、由美國郵政發行的舞出拉丁情懷小版張(附有五套共二十枚自動黏貼郵票) (圖3 )及由英國皇家郵政發行的英國獨立電視經典節目回顧郵票(一套六枚) (圖4 )
  2. Palestinian president mahmoud abbas denounced israel ' s aerial attack as " state terrorism, " and called on the international community to act immediately " to put an end to israeli aggression.

    巴勒斯坦民族權力機構主席阿巴斯譴責以色列的空襲是「國家恐怖主義」 ,並且呼籲國際社會立即行動,制止以色列的侵略行為。
  3. The government said the attack, the first such aerial bombing by the tigers - - who claim to have built up an air force - - was aimed at the military base and did not cause any damage to the adjacent civilian airport

    政府說這次襲擊,這是第一次發起的空中投彈襲擊- - -猛虎組織已經承認是針對軍事基地而發起的襲擊,並且沒有對周邊平民機場造成損害
  4. The naval equivalent of this principle is simply " don ' t divide the fleet ", which is true both in attack, as was so destructively demonstrated by the german " wolf pack " submarine warfare tactic, and by the convoys tactic which negated it

    海軍對于這個原理可以簡單地歸納為「不要分散艦隊」 ,這在進攻中是正確的,以德國「狼群」作為摧毀性的潛艇戰術,但是與此同時這個原理在部隊行進中被否決
  5. Desktop fries without some residual pack, fly air strikes immediately picked up cangyingbo. operations guide : mobile cangyingbo use a mouse, press the left mouse button to attack