pack rape中文意思是什麼

pack rape解釋

  • pack: vt 安插[挑選]自己人充任(委員等);拉攏,收買。 pack a committee 糾集自己人充實委員會。pack cards...
  • rape: n (榨汁后制醋用的)葡萄渣;制醋用的濾器。 rape wine 渣汁葡萄酒,二汁葡萄酒。n 1 〈古、詩〉強奪,...
  1. The police were calling her murder an aborted rape

  2. The enclosed photograph illustrates the overseas philatelic products to be put on sale as from 17 november 2005. it includes " be proud of our motherland - china s shenzhou vi space mission " presentation pack ( picture 1 ) issued by china post, " australian native trees " stamp set of 5 ( picture 2 ) issued by australia post, " let s dance - bailemos " minipane ( 5 sets of 20 self - adhesive stamps ) ( picture 3 ) issued by usps, " classic itv " stamp set of 6 ( picture 4 ) issued by royal mail photograph provided by hongkong post

    包括由中國郵政發行的」我為祖國驕傲」神州六號套摺(圖1 ) 、由澳洲郵政發行的澳洲珍木郵票(一套五枚) (圖2 ) 、由美國郵政發行的舞出拉丁情懷小版張(附有五套共二十枚自動黏貼郵票) (圖3 )及由英國皇家郵政發行的英國獨立電視經典節目回顧郵票(一套六枚) (圖4 )
  3. 12pcs pack baby aloe vera, vitamin e moisturized wipe

  4. With the help of the electronic computers, engineers employ it to figure out nearly all kinds of engineering problems ranging from astronavigation, construction, waterpower projects, ship - building and mechanical engineering etc. owing to the strong power of finite element method, one kind of software pack which based on the method is exploited and named algor feas to resolve problems on structure analysis for trusses and shells. this paper also employ algor feas software pack to analyze and compute the cableway towers, giving the accurate result on stress and displacement both in location and whole. finally, we also bring out some advice on structure improving

  5. A born leader with stamina and a yen for competition, the lion will be leading the pack in a yachting, golf, cross - country skiing or racecar driving competition