paknerenou island中文意思是什麼

paknerenou island解釋

  • island: n 1 島,島嶼。2 島狀物;孤立的地區;孤立的組織。3 【造船】航空母艦或船隻的上層建築〈如艦橋、艦臺...

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  1. Accidence discuss of water hunting by using half decay time method on island tundra

  2. So whether you are after breathtaking natural sights or adventure, there is plenty on the south island to get your adrenalin pumping

  3. Then in 1989, twenty - six years after the crash, the plane was accidentally rediscovered in an aerial survey of the island

  4. The man then right earnest asked the nun of which death the dead man was died and the nun answered him and said that he was died in mona island through bellycrab three year agone come childermas and she prayed to god the allruthful to have his dear soul in his undeathliness

  5. The advantage of the grid is not only the strong ability of processing the data, but also the low computing cost because of the use of the free resources on the internet, it implements the sharing of resources and aliments the isolated resource island eventually