pancreatic secretion中文意思是什麼

pancreatic secretion解釋

  • pancreatic: adj. 胰(腺)的。
  • secretion: n. 1. 隱匿;藏匿;隱藏。2. 【生理】分泌。3. 分泌物;分泌液。4. 樹液。

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  1. The concept and meaning of clearance ; function and regulation of aldosterone ; secretion of h 、 nh3 、 k ; micturition reflex

    清除率的概念及測定意義;醛固酮的作用和調節; h 、 nh3 、 k分泌;排尿反射。
  2. Exactly ! ambergris is a secretion of the sperm whale that ' s purified in the ocean for a good ten years before it can be used

  3. Primary small intestinal carcinomas are very rare, but the majority of those that do occur arise in the region of the ampulla, where they may become symptomatic through biliary or pancreatic duct obstruction

  4. Flu virus can come on along with infection the excrement and urine of birds pollutes birdhouse with rhinal secretion eduction, basket, mat makings

  5. The control of pancreatic secretion is performed mainly through 2 hormones.