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  • panel: n 1 面,板;【建築】四分板,門窗材,幅板,板條;嵌板;鑲板;方格;(木工)線板;【繪畫】(代替畫...
  • diagram: n. 圖,圖形,圖解;【數學】作圖。 a diagram of an engine 發動機設計圖。vt. (-gram(m)ed; -gram(m)ing) 用圖表示,圖解。

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  1. Indicator for working status, level adjusting point and level testing point are on the front panel

    模塊前面板有工作狀態指示燈及電平調整點電平檢測點,輸出電平大於108dbuv 。
  2. A conceptual diagram of an archimedes heat ray

  3. At 98 years of school life empress, started my design the human life into the brilliant design company of a by name sunlight, this this profession of special features, be engaged in the work in, and think under the aureate ray of light company, can have a good human life point of departure, at some foundations that own the design and furniture etc. the aspect to have got point of departure of the company have to my human life very big, fine human life, but however and did not expect clip to take dirty with the bogus circumstances that not norm, the company is an achievement person of, but why is a mistake person of human life, therefore is how, again how to take the letter and customer, street emotion, threaten, violence means of etc., can do out what matter, not think with the this kind of company no chance, but encounter to the right and wrong that falsely be, i occupy the regrets, and do so the person, like this company that work, ( three diagram papers want to cheat the customer ), this is the what kind of company

    學校生活后,進入一家名為陽光燦爛的設計公司開始了我的設計人生,本著本專業的特長,從事著份內的工作,以為在金色的光芒下公司,能有一個好的人生起點,在擁有設計及傢具等方面有著一些基礎的公司對我的人生的起點有很大的、美好的人生,但卻不料夾帶著骯臟和不規范的騙人的事態,公司是成就人的,而為何是誤人的人生,可見是如何,又如何取信與客戶,街著情感、威脅、等暴力手段,可以做出什麼事,不想與此類公司無緣,但遭到不正當的是非,我有事感慨,如此做人、如此做事的公司, (三張圖紙想騙客戶) ,這是什麼樣的公司呢?
  4. We supply kinds of gaoli board, huali board, autotype, uv panel, pvc panel, which fit for the need of decorated material of many style of cabinet, bureau, door, furniture

  5. Firstly, the connected end sets of the relay lines are got using the breadth first search algorithm and the connected relationship of wiring terms is got in the electrical circuit diagram according to different cad block structure of different element type. secondly, the appropriate specification of the relay element is chosen by using the equinoctial graph algorithm, and the panel layout diagram is generated automatically by the combining automatic layout and manual intervention. finally, the optimized path algorithm which passes each vertex in the completed non - directional graph once and only once is put forward, this algorithm and the prim minimum spanning tree algrotithm can generate the inner panel wiring diagram and terminal wiring diagram automatically