pannonian basin中文意思是什麼

pannonian basin解釋

  • pannonian: 潘農階
  • basin: n 1 臉盆;水盆。2 滿盆,(一)盆。3 盆地,流域。4 水坑,地塘;(港灣)深度;內灣,小灣;【造船】...

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  1. Equalization involves mixing wastewater streams of acidic and alkaline nature in an equalization basin.

  2. After analyzing purple soil sampled from neijiang, leshan ofsichuan provinec and yuanmou of yunnan province, the contrast results of microbe quantity feature between surface and subsurface purple soil were obtained as follows. the content of soil organic matter, total and available nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium of surface was higher than subsurface, not relating to the type of purple soil and soil utilization way. the quantity of microbe _ bacteria, actinomyces and mould in surface purple soil was higher than subsurface, which indicated that the organic matter and airy condition in surface soil was more suitable for microbes growing. there was the same tendency in profile change of microbe quantity in purple soil located in temperate _ humid climate of sichuan basin in contrast with dry _ hot climate of yuanmou, yunnan. the nutrient situation of purple soil in sichuan basin shown that state of surface was better than subsurface, while in yuanmou of yunnan the state was on the contrary due to the degradation of surface soil

  3. 5. the osl dating of 37 samples of loess in weihe river basin by sar and multiple aliquot methods, indicates that sar protocol appears to be applicable to loess and appropriately correcting for sensitivity changes within the regenerated curves, however, there are major difference between the irsl and post - ir osl de determinations that suggest that sensitivity changes relating to either ( or both ) natural signals may not be correctly monitored

    同時,用單片再生劑量法測小干3ha的黃土細顆粒樣品, slsl 、 irsl和post irosl測的年代在誤差范圍內基本相同,接近預估年代;對於3ha ? 10ha的黃土細顆粒樣品,一般post osl測的年代更接近預測值;對于大於10ha的樣品,一般irsl測的年代普遍太小,多數blsl年代也偏小,而p 。
  4. Anoint the basin and its stand and consecrate them

  5. Focused on archaean fractured reservoir of metamorphic rock in the damintun depression of liaohe basin, by the newly studied methods, the author predicts fractures in buried hills by drilling, coring, well logging and seismic data intergrately