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  • paper: n 1 紙;裱墻紙。2 報紙,報。3 收據;債券;證券;票據;匯票;鈔票(=paper money)。4 〈pl 〉身份...
  • design: vt 1 計劃,企圖,立意要…。2 指定,預定;留給,留著。3 設計,草擬,擬定,籌劃;起草,畫草圖,打(...

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  1. Appearance and application of fieldbus control technology is base on smart instruments. this paper design a applied circuit of hart protocol smart instrument on which mainly discusses and analyze importance and difficulty of hart protocol

  2. To achieve this goal, this paper design a neural network with three layers in which the first layer play a classifier role and learn with the memory - based learning algorithm while the second and third layers learn with the error back - propagation algorithm

  3. Microwave power sensor is the core component of microwave power meter , and it has been researched by many domestic and overseas research institutions, but micro - structure microwave power sensor developed by using mems technology is few yet. in this paper, design and fabrication of a new chip of microbridge structure thermocouple type microwave power sensor developed by using mems technology were recommended

  4. With phased array radar observing target ' s improvement of different performances of the aircraft, the deterioration of the working environment of radar and improvement of the radar demand request more and higher for putting forward the equipment of phased array radar video signal processing. the digital signal processing is all the time the developing direction of radar signal processing, its main shortcoming is that the increase processing precision, and the amount of information at the same time bring on the amount processing redouble, method to solve this problem is the real - time high speed digital signal processing system. presently multi - processors parallel processing is the focus of the field of high - speed real - time processing. this paper ' s background is the high - speed real - time signal processing of phased array radar. a parallel computing system designed with 4 adsp - 21060 analog device inc ' s dsp is presented. lt has fully utilized the dsp ' s characteristic to be supported the parallel computing, and formed a mes h architecture. this paper design and discusses this system in terms of design for test ( dft ) and real time operation system ( rtos ), and have put forward the new solution for the design and development of the high - speed real - time signal processing system. then, analysed the subject matter faced at the same time

    本文以高速實時相控陣雷達視頻信號處理為背景,提出了一種由4片ad公司adsp - 21060構成的并行計算系統。它充分利用了adsp - 21060支持多處理器并行計算的特點構成了一種網格結構,並且從可測性設計、實時操作系統角度對該系統進行了設計與討論,為高速實時信號處理系統的設計與開發提出了新的解決方案,同時分析了面臨的主要問題。本文首先分析了相控陣雷達信號處理單元的特點,然後針對適合於片間并行的adsp - 21060討論了并行計算結構,提出了一種採用四片adsp - 21060構成網格結構的信號處理平臺,分析了它的工作原理。
  5. In this paper design of some circuit including in a / d circuit is also analyzed, such as front analog circuit, sample clock circuit and data flip - latch circuit