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  1. Players from malaysia, indonesia, romania, bulgaria, netherland antilles and all us outlying states will be excluded from the new player sign up bonus promotion

  2. Bali is a beautiful island in indonesia

  3. In the second chapter, the basic theory and method of how to use far - field body - waves to invert for the seismic moment tensor were expatiated systematically. the moment tensor solutions of the march 25, 1998, antarctic plate earthquake ( mw = 8. 1, iris ) and the june 4, 2000, southern sumatra, indonesia, earthquake ( ms = 8. 0 ) were inverted using teleseismic body waves recorded by long period seismograph stations of the iris global seismic network

    並用iris全球地震臺網的遠場體波資料反演了1998年3月25日南極m _ w8 . 1 (據iris )地震的矩張量和2000年6月4日印度尼西亞蘇門答臘南部m _ s8 . 0地震的矩張量。
  4. The two leaders met monday at the summer palace in indonesia ' s resort of bogor

  5. Seasonal downpours cause landslides and flash floods every year in indonesia