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  1. After military forces used the wettable powder to aerially bomb mosquitoes in the malaria - ridden pacific theater during world war ii, public health authorities took the lead

  2. Notify me of updates to datamax allegro i ii transfer direct thermal printer fasout

    Datamax allegro i ii熱感及熱轉雙用之標簽印製機停產更新時通知我
  3. On the other hand, there is substanial evidences tha dcs mediate tolerane. the gm - csf - stbolated mouse bone mwderived mhc class ii + dc progendors tha are deficient in cell surface erpression of the costbolatory molecules b7 - l and b7 - 2 can induce alloanginspecific t ceil anergy in vbo. systendc adchstraion of these donor - derived dc progendors to recipients intravenously 7 days before transplantation prolonged the median graft survival tane from 9. 5 days to 22 days wbout additional twnosuppressions in a mouse cardinc twlanation model

    1995年, lul等報道表面缺乏共刺激分子,特別是缺乏cd80 ( b7 - 1 )和cd86 ( b7 - 2 )的未成熟型dc能在體外誘導同種抗原特異性的t細胞無能,而對dc的適當處理能夠使未成熟型dc潛在的耐受原性得以放大和增強,使得dc在誘導免疫耐受中具有相當重要的作用及潛在的應用價值。
  4. Ii ) energies of the sputtered atoms vary mainly from several to several teens ev, with few atoms " energy relatively high ; the emitting positions of the sputtered atoms are close to the corresponding incident ions ( in the order of angstrom ) ; the sputtered atoms are emitted mainly normally, and few are slantways ; energy and angular distributions of sputtered atoms are influenced by the energies and incident directions of incident ions, but the angular distributions are not influenced by the incident energy very greatly

    Ii )濺射原子的能量一般集中在幾個到十幾個電子伏特的范圍內,在高能量區域也有所分佈,但數量很少;濺射原子的出射位置就在離子入射位置的附近(埃數量級) ;濺射原子的角度在垂直方向和斜射方向都有所分佈,但以垂直出射為主;濺射原子的能量、角度分佈受到了入射離子能量、角度的影響,但入射離子能量對濺射原子的出射角影響不大。
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