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  • passenger: n. 1. 乘客,(尤指)船客;旅客。2. 行人,過路人。3. 〈俚語〉無能船員[隊員];礙手絆腳的人。
  • block: n 1 片,塊,大塊;粗料,毛料;木料;石料;金屬塊;【建築】塊料,砌塊;【地質學;地理學】地塊。2 ...

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  1. As a mix - mode chip, the application - specific controller including analog signal and digital signal processing block can be applied to receiving, amplifying, processing, controlling signals of pir, and offer a wide application in some fields. in analog circuits, by sub - threshold mosfet, a self - bias current source is presented, which has a high power supply restrain ratio and a complementary to absolute temperature characters

  2. Acute angle block

  3. It includes " queen s birthday " single stamp ( picture 1 ) issued by australia post, " 200th anniversary celebrations of hans christian andersen " stamp set of 4 ( picture 2 ) issued by singapore post, " royal wedding " miniature sheet ( picture 3 ) issued by royal mail and " ronald reagan " block of 4 self - adhesive stamps issued by usps

    包括由澳洲郵政發行的英女皇壽辰單枚郵票(圖1 ) 、由新加坡郵政發行的安徒生誕生二百周年紀念一套四枚郵票(圖2 ) 、由英國皇家郵政發行的皇室婚禮小全張(圖3 )及由美國郵政發行的朗奴
  4. Design rules for to - and - fro bicable passenger aerial ropeways

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    本廠的產品涵蓋打擊琴類(木琴、鐘琴、兒童彩琴) 、鼓類(邦戈鼓、康加鼓、堂鼓、桑巴鼓、腰鼓、地鼓、印地安嗵嗵鼓、海鼓、鈴鼓、手鼓、波浪鼓) 、砂球、砂蛋、鈴圈、砂板、砂筒、響板、舞板、梆子、響筒、響棒、三角鐘、碰鐘、響鈴、木魚、魚蛙、卡巴薩、指鑔等數十個品種;本廠的產品設計立足於滿足客戶需求,不斷創新,追求工藝品質;產品生產嚴把質量關,採取柔性製造工藝,合理控制生產流程,可以滿足客戶不同檔次規格和不同批量規模的產品需求;本廠注重產品的銷售及售後跟蹤服務,深度挖掘客戶潛在需求,力爭樹立優質、完整的市場品牌形象。