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  • past: adj 1 過去的;完了的。2 剛過去的,上(月、星期等),前(…年)。3 前任的;曾任的;老練的。4 【語法...
  • cost: n 1 費用;代價,價格;成本。2 犧牲;損害,損失。3 〈pl 〉訟費。vt (cost; cost)1 值,要價(苦幹...

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  1. The present shortage of radio spectrum results in large part from the cost and performance limits of legacy hardware established during the past century

  2. In past ten few, the target bid price reviewed has amounted to 3. 5 billion rmb, total engineering cost estimation value has amounted to 4. 8 billion rmb with saved fund of about 0. 7 billion rmb

  3. From the perspective of indirect cost, it also reveals the great transition of government - university relationship during the past 60 years

  4. It directly affects the engine ' s working reliability whether it ' s good or not. according to the past method, piston can only be decided whether it meets the need of engineering in test after it has been turn out. this paper simulates the real working condition of piston by combining the ked method and fe - contact analysis way. it reflects deforming rule of piston, and makes it possible that the structure problem of piston skirt can only be found during the design period, so the cost of developing new product is lowered and the time is shorted. this paper proves that the thought is practical and the result of simulation to piston lr4100 is in accord with practice

  5. The past couple of weeks, the average cost of self ? serve regular gas up to another 11 cents to a record 3 dollars, 18 cents in the latest lundberg survey

    據蘭登博格最近的一次調查顯示,在過去數周自助普通汽油的均價上漲11美分達到了3 . 18美元。