pearl toffee中文意思是什麼

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  • pearl: n 珀爾〈女子名〉。n 1 珍珠;珍品;優秀典型,精華;〈pl 〉珍珠項鏈。2 珍珠狀物〈露、淚、雪白的牙齒...
  • toffee: n. 奶油太妃糖。 can't shoot for toffee 〈俚語〉怎麼打[射擊]也打不好,槍法不高明。 not for toffee 〈俚語〉絕對不,決不…。

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  1. It's the pearl in the oyster, anyway.

  2. The music of the pearl had merged with the music of the family so that one beautified the other.

  3. Color the general color of a pearl is also called the body color. typical pearl colors are white, cream, yellow, pink, silver, or black

  4. Pearl water, organic floral water of german chamomile and lavender, organic calendula succus, calendula c02, organic german chamomile, organic elder flowers, organic witch hazel bark and leaf, organic roman chamomile, organic lavender vera, organic essential oil of helichrysum

    本花水適合各種皮膚的清潔及收細毛孔之用,尤其是乾燥及暗啞的皮膚更為有效。 ?要用花水浸透棉花清潔面頰,便可把塵埃抹掉。
  5. Still, as evocation of the new england scene and of the calvinist character, the books mentioned(together with "the pearl of orr's island", 1862, and "poganuc people", 1878)have a quality that is stronger than charm.