pebbly conglomerate中文意思是什麼

pebbly conglomerate解釋

  • pebbly: adj. 1. 卵石多的。2. 有卵石花紋的。
  • conglomerate: adj 1 成球(狀)的;結成團塊的。2 由不同種類的各部分組成的,混雜會聚在一處的。3 【地質學;地理學...

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  1. The firm has been taken over by an american conglomerate.

  2. In australia no exploitable uraniferous conglomerate has been discovered.

  3. The study area is composed of sandstone & conglomerate reservoir of alluvial fan & fan delta, which belong to sha3 lower member and sha4 upper member of lower tertiary of yong " an town oilfield in dongying depression. the target stataum develops in the hanging wall of the synsedimentary fault in the scarp zone of dongying depression. the frequently intense movements result in the variation of sandstone and conglomerate reservoir and the evolution of the time and space of sha3 lower member and sha4 upper member in yong " an town oilfield

  4. And let ' s have an emerging maple syrup conglomerate

  5. There was now visible a house or houses - for the building spread far - with many windows, and lights burning in some ; we went up a broad pebbly path, splashing wet, and were admitted at a door ; then the servant led me through a passage into a room with a fire, where she left me alone