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  1. And heavy as if sweat blood horse, yi zhuang, rename there aren t horse sun not dark, name heavy as if horse say day ma yun "

    及得大宛汗血馬,益壯,更名烏孫馬曰西極,名大宛馬曰天馬雲" 。
  2. Those were amazing days for weightlifting and swimming fans that chen yanqing convincingly won 58kg women ' s event by setting five world weightlifting records and wu peng reversed japan ' s dominance in men ' s 200 - meter butterfly stroke final

  3. On the wall of the heroic exploits hall of the beijing - tianjin campaign memorial there puts a sketching portrait over a cinereous rectangular tablet, which is inscribed in traditional chinese with ‘ the tomb of marty zhang yun - ting ’ on the right side

    在平津戰役紀念館英烈業績廳展壁上懸掛著一幅普通人物素描畫像,畫像下方擺放著一塊青灰色長方形墓碑,碑體正面刻有: 「張雲亭烈士之墓」七個繁體字,這塊墓碑是2003年3月26日一位天津市民在修危房時發現的。
  4. Contents : sleeping fairy, nan xian dong, bei xian dong, yun wu temple, sheltered valley and flying water, zoology tour clarkia, road to degust the savage, spring, natural savage park

  5. Because the stomach moves to issue abdomen, had eaten grand of peng of the abdomen below the meal so, cave in of epigastrium stomach area, and can see aorta beating, feel with the hand reach more apparent