peng yuncheng中文意思是什麼

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  1. A series of pai lau are installed at cheung chau and mui wo piers, while traditional chinese lanterns are displayed at central, cheung chau, peng chau and mui wo piers. while enjoying the temple fair, passengers can ride on first ferry to cheung chau, peng chau and mui wo to experience the beauty of the outlying islands

  2. Liu lian - you, wang jianhua, li xiaoyan, liu yuzhang, ta wanquan & peng haimei. 1998. determination of the erodible particles on cultivated soils by wind tunnel simulation. chinese science bulletin, 43 ( 19 ) : 1646 51

    劉連友,王建華,李小雁,劉玉璋,拓萬權,彭海梅. 1998 .土壤可蝕性顆粒的風洞模擬測定.科學通報, 43 ( 15 ) : 1663 1666
  3. Exhibition of figuline figures by mr. peng wenhong was hold from 27th august - 11th september, 2005 at the exhibition hall of ling nan club at level 5

    在我會會所嶺南會五樓會展廳展出的多項民間藝術展覽- - "心源賞陶"彭文鴻陶藝人物作品展於2005年8月27日至9月11日舉行。
  4. Mao peng is an inspector general making his rounds to the provinces incognito

  5. Wensheng peng, lillian cheung and kelvin fan