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  1. He zong - pin, zhao wen - cai, wang peng and hao pei - ming

  2. So peng ' s video at first seems to be about divulging ancient spiritual secrets, but it is also a cannibalistic consumption, the self - conscious eating of one ' s words

  3. A series of pai lau are installed at cheung chau and mui wo piers, while traditional chinese lanterns are displayed at central, cheung chau, peng chau and mui wo piers. while enjoying the temple fair, passengers can ride on first ferry to cheung chau, peng chau and mui wo to experience the beauty of the outlying islands

  4. Mao peng is an inspector general making his rounds to the provinces incognito

  5. The air - flow field in the stripping unit can be adjusted easy by changing the rotation speed of fan which is benefit to reduce the grain losses, it was found during experiment that the cross - flow fan can diffuse some of mog ( material other of grain ) and diffuse it in a certain direction which is useful to satisfy the working condition for driver and lighten working load of the threshing unit of the combine harvester candidate and speciality : peng shengmin ; machinary design and theory supervisor : prof. zhang huiyou