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    1. Study on the relationship between the spore number of p. expansum and its output of patulin

    2. 1. overexpression of pel gene in pichia pastoris the alkaline lipase gene of penicillium expansum ( pel ) was coloned into the yeast integrative plasmid ppic3. 5k, which was then transformed into his4 mutant yeast gs115

      一、 pel基因在巴斯德畢赤酵母中的表達實現了擴展青黴堿性脂肪酶基因在畢赤酵母中的高效表達。
    3. To research on the gene and protein structure of the lipase from penicillium expansum pf898 ( designated pel ), improve its property of cold - activity, we have done the research as follows -

      本文報道了擴展青黴堿性脂肪酶( pel )基因在巴斯德畢赤酵母中的表達及利用蛋白質工程改造pel基因的研究工作。