penis clamp with rubber covered jaws中文意思是什麼

penis clamp with rubber covered jaws解釋

  • penis: n. (pl. penes , penises) 【解剖學】陰莖。
  • clamp: n 1 鉗,夾子。2 【機械工程】壓板,壓鐵;【建築】夾板;【造船】支梁板。vt (用夾鉗等)夾緊,夾住;...
  • with:
  • rubber: n 1 摩擦者;磨者;摩擦物,磨光器;按摩師;(土耳其浴室的)擦背人;(洗澡用)毛巾。2 擦具;粗銼;...
  • covered: adj 隱蔽著的,掩藏著的;有屋頂的;有蓋的;戴著帽子的;〈復合詞〉蓋滿…的〈如:moss covered〉。 a c...
  • jaws: 大白鯊

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  1. The second floor rooms feature tropical hardwood interiors with tatami - covered floors, but the first floor is more evocative of an english country home : doric columns frame the front entrance, while the main bathing room is lined with arched windows inset with swan - motif stained glass

  2. I've seen his henchmen beat women in the fields with rubber hoses.

  3. Self - centring chucks for machine tools with two - piece jaws tongue and groove type - sizes for interchangeability and acceptance test specifications

  4. Clamp model, special for the alarming device, 5m copper cable with rubber cover

  5. Grey cast iron pipes with rubber ring of ladder - lip - shaped