people foremost中文意思是什麼

people foremost解釋

  • people: n (pl 1 為 peoples 其他為 people) 1 種族;民族。 2 人民。 3 居民;(團體、行業等中的)人們。4 ...
  • foremost: adj. 1. 最初的,最前的。2. 第一流的;主要的。adv. 首先,第一。 first and foremost首先,第一。 head foremost輕率地。

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  1. Raven calls dresselhaus a “ foremost role model. ” director of the missouri botanical garden and current president of the aaas, raven was secretary of the national academy when dresselhaus was treasurer

  2. Some people are saying that we were abducted by aliens

  3. Tv vocation is party and people ' s voice, to develop it in our country must keep the direction of servicing to socialism and people, carry on the important feature of mass foremost, and insist in throughout the flesh - and - blood relation between tv vocation and mass

  4. This conference will bring people together from all over the country who want to help achieve this goal. " along with mr. mountain, the speakers included ed boks, director of one of the largest animal control agencies and the largest adoption agency in the u. s. ; becky robinson, the country s foremost expert in techniques for controlling feral cat populations ; and richard avanzino, who made san francisco a no - kill city and who now heads maddie s fund, a 200 million dollar california foundation dedicated to bringing an end to the killing of animals in the u. s

  5. " customer first and foremost " is our corporate mission. quality people and a reliable vessel fleet of first ferry strive to provide a safe and comfortable journey to the commuting public