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  • people: n (pl 1 為 peoples 其他為 people) 1 種族;民族。 2 人民。 3 居民;(團體、行業等中的)人們。4 ...
  • from:
  • ibaraki: 茨木縣
  • prefecture: n. 1. 古羅馬高級文武長官[法國省長、日本縣知事]的職位[任期、管區、官邸]。2. 級長的職位[任期]。3. 專區;縣;府;(法國的)省。

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  1. Gaucher disease is considerably more common in the descendants of jewish people from eastern europe ( ashkenazi ), although individuals from any ethnic group may be affected

  2. Another participant proposed the establishment of a bicameral system to enable people from different strata to take part in the formulation of policies and legislation

  3. According to such a great planning, people from all levels should serve the resolutions of such issues and there is no exception for the press industry and the publishers being responsible for publishing more and better books concerning such issues

  4. Among these are a cowcatcher ( to protect straying cattle and people from oncoming trains ), the single penny postage idea for england, railway signals, the speedometer, ideas on game theory, system of signaling for lighthouses, a compendium of all manufacturing methods and engineering work in britain

    其中有排障器(避免迷途的牲畜和人群被急馳而來的火車撞倒) 、在英國實施一便士郵資的建議、鐵路信號、速度計、博弈論的思想、燈塔信號系統,以及一份關于英國全部製造方法與工程作業的綱要。
  5. On february 2, 2003, initiates from the montreal center rented an exposition booth at hippodrome de montreal, a centrally located venue accessible to people from many parts of the region