percentage progress中文意思是什麼

percentage progress解釋

  • percentage: n 1 【數學】百分法;百分數;百分比,百分率。2 比例,部分。3 【商業】手續費,傭金。4 〈俚語〉賺頭...
  • progress: n 1 前進,進行。2 上進,進步;進度;進展,增長,發展;經過;【生物學】發育,進化。3 〈古語〉(特...

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  3. Tourism resource is the matter bases for development of tourism industry, with the expanding of tourism industry, tourist manifold, the trend of tourist ' s requirements become to be obvious diversification and individuation. especially today, the tourism industry becomes very aboil, and the tourism market is changing to buyer ' s marke from seller ' s market, no other than impolderring tourism resource deeply, the tourist ' s needs can be satisfied, and the tourism industry can persist in progress

  4. A state that lung has different rate, spot piece shape wellability shadow or show meshy model change, the illness progress of partial patient is rapid, show big shape shadow ; side changes chang weishuang, the shadow is absorbed abreaction slower

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