performance engineering中文意思是什麼

performance engineering解釋

  • performance: n. 1. 執行,實行,履行;完成;實現;償還。2. 行為,動作,行動;工作。3. 性能;特性。4. 功績;成績。5. 演奏;彈奏;演出;(馴獸等的)表演;把戲。6. 【物理學】演績。
  • engineering: n. 1. 工程(技術),工程學。2. 開車技術。3. 土木工程,工事。4. 操縱,管理。

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  4. It has a good compensation to shrinkage, and can improve the anti - cracking and anti - penetrating performance of concrete. it is often added to concrete to produce expanding concrete or the anti - cracking and anti - penetrating concrete, which are widely used in such engineering as waterproofing, anti - penetrating, mending etc. the expansion admixture include at present sulphoaluminate such as uea, ea - l etc ), calcium oxide, and some composite expansion admixtures

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