peritonitis peritonitis中文意思是什麼

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  1. Enteric anastomoses may disrupt and produce a fistula and peritonitis.

  2. Methods acute peritonitis model was produced by intraperitoneal injection of zmosan a in sd rats, 2 days later, the levels of endotoxin and leukocyte in peripheral blood were measured, the levels of lipoperoxides ( mda and sod ) and glutathione ( gsh ) in lung homogenate were also measured

  3. If there is shock with an elevated hematocrit, then the plasma volume loss of peritonitis is suggested.

  4. Neither the risk factors assumed by the guidelines nor the choice of empiric therapy was predictie of either the early treatment response or the final functional outcome of the peritonitis episodes

  5. Results : there was no occurrence of intestinal fistula, abdominal abscess, peritonitis as well as wound infection in 100 cases

    結果: 100例行一期手術治療的闌尾周圍膿腫術后無腸瘺、無腹腔膿腫、無腹膜炎、無切口感染出現。