permanent funding activities中文意思是什麼

permanent funding activities解釋

  • permanent: adj. 1. 永久的,不變的,耐久的;持久的,經久的。2. 常務的,常設的 (opp. temporary)。n. 電燙發 (=permanent wave)。adv. -ly
  • funding: 拔款
  • activities: 各項活動

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  1. The permanent offices and their staff must abide by chinese laws and decrees and the rules hereof and carry out proper business activities within their business scope

  2. Property right system can ensure the owner of the technology innovation asset ' s to have certain monopoly right, which excludes imitators to violate the property right of the technology innovation property owners, and provides permanent and effective stimulant drive for technology innovation activities

  3. Permanent funding activities

  4. We are specialists in bankruptcy reorganizations, bridge financing, " seed " funding and merger and acquisition activities

  5. It will also enable hkmc to assess more accurately the selling interest of the approved sellers, which will improve the efficiency of the mortgage purchase operations and facilitate the planning of our funding activities