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  • permissible: adj. 1. 可以允許[許可]的;不礙事的。2. 得到準許的。n. -sibility ,-sibly adv.
  • stress: n 1 壓力,壓迫,緊迫,緊張。2 【語音】重音;重讀;【詩】揚音;語勢,著重點。3 重要(性),重點,...
  • design: vt 1 計劃,企圖,立意要…。2 指定,預定;留給,留著。3 設計,草擬,擬定,籌劃;起草,畫草圖,打(...

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  1. 4th : the ladder coconut palm is the rectangular only then tubular design, four sides stress, anti - curved performance fine, is not easy to twist the distortion

  2. Results : 1 ) under the same condition of loading, the stress and displacement of mesial occlusal rest design was smaller than that of distal occlusal rest design in abutment teeth and soft tissue under the base, however, the magnitude in the soft tissue under base was bigger. 2 ) when a distributed vertical load was applied to the artificial tooth abutment teeth regions, the stress distribution was similar to that of concentrated load in the artifitial tooth, and stress magnitudes were higher. 3 ) under the condition tested, the mesial occlusal rest design caused the stresses that were more in line with the long axes of the abutment teeth than did the distal occlusal rest design

    結果: 1 )在同一加載條件下,近中(牙合)支托設計與遠中(牙合)支托設計相比,基牙及基托下軟組織的應力和位移值減小;基托下軟組織的應力和位移值大於基牙; 2 )基牙及義齒整體加載時,各基牙應力分佈規律與人工牙加載相同,但應力值增大; 3 )近中(牙合)支托設計使基牙受力更趨于軸向。
  3. The conclusion of reappearing analysis is that crane bridge be used as usual because main weld maximum stress of upper cover plate of main beam lower than yield limit though it higher than permissible stress. inner stress of secondary beam was over ultimate strength, and deforming is ultra big. so it was unfit for produce and secondary beam must be changed

  4. Allowable stress, permissible stress

  5. " allowable stress design. " aisc manual of steel construction

    容許應力設計見《 aisc鋼結構手冊》 。