persian march中文意思是什麼

persian march解釋

  • persian: adj. 波斯的,波斯人的,波斯語的。n. 1. 波斯人;波斯語。2. 波斯綢。3. 〈pl. 〉百葉窗(=Persian blinds)。
  • march: n 馬奇〈姓氏〉。n 三月〈略作 Mar 〉。 in March在三月。 March comes in like a lion and goes out li...

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  1. Scholars disagree about just what the symbolism of the persian faravahar indicates. is it a symbolic image of ahura mazda, the zoroastrian name for the one god, the " wise lord ?

    學者們不同意波斯法拉瓦哈的象徵意義。它是代表瑣羅亞斯德教的唯一神,阿胡瑪茲達, 「英明的主」的一個象徵肖像嗎?
  2. In march, the number of notifications of amoebic dysentery was 2

  3. England ' s away double against israel and andorra in march will be too early for owen

  4. The researchers will report their findings in the march - april issue of the journal current anthropology. the baby - boom pattern has been observed in african and european cemeteries dating about 5, 000 to 7, 000 years earlier, according to bocquet - appel

  5. At a football match in tehran on march 30th, television cameras panned to the electronic scoreboard flashing “ we condemn the invasion of the british forces in the blue waters of the persian gulf ” alongside the better - known slogans such as “ nuclear energy is our indisputable right ” and “ imam khomeini : israel must be eradicated ”

    3月30日,在德黑蘭舉行的一場足球比賽中,電視轉播攝象機曾將鏡頭轉向電子記分牌,上面閃爍著「我們譴責英軍侵入波斯灣的蔚藍海域」的字樣;此外也不乏更為人熟知的口號,譬如「核能是我們不容爭議的權利」以及「伊瑪目霍梅尼嘗言:以色列必須被斬草除根」 。