音標 [fi'nɔminən]
n. 名詞 1. (pl. -na ) 【哲學】現象 (opp. noumenon); 事件。
2. (pl. phenomenons) 稀有現象;奇跡;珍奇;珍品;非凡的人。
3. 【醫學】癥候。


    1. The aging phenomenon coincided with oxygen absorption.

    2. Recently, the chinese plant protection agencies reported the growing hardships in controlling some field populations of oriental migratory locust with organophosphate ( op ) compounds. up to now there are more than 600 arthropod species with documented resistance to one or more insecticides and / or acaricides since resistance phenomenon was first described in san jose scale to lime - sulfur in washington in 1908. enhanced metabolic detoxification and reduced sensitivity of insecticide target - sites are the two major mechanisms in resistance development, involving three primary metabolic enzymes of esterases, glutathione s - transferases and cytochrome p450 polysubstrate monooxygenases

      代謝抗性是指對殺蟲劑起水解或隔離作用的酶發生改變,從而對殺蟲劑起到解毒作用,昆蟲主要解毒酶系有酯酶、谷胱甘肽- s -轉移酶、細胞色素p450單加氧酶等,這三種酶系任何一種的組成部分發生改變均會引起害蟲抗性的改變;靶標抗性是指由於殺蟲劑作用靶標敏感度降低而產生的抗性。
    3. Beethoven was a phenomenon among musicians.

    4. Ironically, use of an antimissile interceptor against a nuclear - tipped target with a proximity fuse could in fact set off a destructive hane phenomenon

    5. Based on the previous research on the portal crane administration, one standpoint put forward in this paper is idea that is on the foundation of reliability in this paper, two viewpoints take shape when reason is analyzed, that is fatigue break and appearing the flaw that will extend. what is the fatigue break ? ( this phenomenon is always happen in some place ), the fatigue is that board appears apophysis and concave when the board is pressed. so that the board ability of bearing the weight of load will descend