photoelectric absorption index中文意思是什麼

photoelectric absorption index解釋

  • photoelectric: adj. 【物理學】光電的。
  • absorption: n. 1. 吸收,合併。2. 專心,一心不亂,熱中 (in)。3. 〈口語〉飲食。
  • index: n (pl es dices )1 索引。2 指標,標準,標志。3 示[食]指 (=index finger)。4 指數。5 【印刷】指...

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  1. Ceo22 is used as optical materials, polishing agents, ultraviolet absorption materials, the cleaning catalyst of car ' s waste gases, chemical decolorant of glass, radiation - resisting glass permanent magnet, electronic ceramics etc. if it is processed into nanoparticles, it will exhibit some novel properties led to varied applications. for example, ceo22 nanocrystal is a better promoter of cytochrome c and the stabilizer of zro22 ceramics. because of its high index of refraction and good stability, it is used to produce reduced reflection film

    Ceo _ 2是一種廉價而用途極廣的材料,如用於發光材料、拋光劑、紫外吸收材料、汽車尾氣凈化催化劑、玻璃的化學退色劑、耐輻射玻璃、永磁體、電子陶瓷等,其納米化后將出現一些新的性質及應用,如ceoz納米晶是細胞色素c的良好的催進劑,還用作zro :陶瓷的穩定劑,由於ceo :折射率高,穩定性好,常用於制備減反射膜等。
  2. A linear relation can be found between response value of ultraviolet absorption detector, fluorescence detector, electrochemical detector and refractive index detector and quality of the object under test ; however, relation between response value of evaporative light - scattering detector and quality of the object under test is usually not a linear one, therefore, mathematical conversion of response value should be made before making calculation when necessary

  3. Ultraviolet absorption detector, photodiode array detector ( dad ), fluorescence detector, and electrochemical detector are optional detectors, response value of which is relative to not only quality of the object under test, but also structure of the compound ; refractive index detector and evaporative light - scattering detector are universal detector, responding to structure of all compounds ; evaporative light - scattering detector is quality - type detector, whose responding value only relates to quality of the object under test for compounds with similiar structures ; photodiode array detector ( dad ) can, at the same time, record absorption spectra of the object under test in a prescribed wave scope, consequently, it can be used in spectrum control and inspection of purity of chromatographic peaks of the object under test

  4. A comprehensive theory is presented for fm spectroscopy of doppler - broadened molecular iodine absorption lines. the relationship betwcen fm spectroscopy and modulation frequency and modulation index has been studied. the whole circuit for thc frcquency stabilized laser system has been developed

    建立了多普勒加寬碘分子線性吸收fm光譜的一般理論,對fm光譜與調制頻率和調制度的關系進行了研究;並研製了532nmnd : yvo _ 4 / ktp碘吸收穩頻激光器的電路系統;提出了虛擬激光穩頻技術的概念。
  5. Recent studies have shown that the quantum coherence and interference have led to a lot of new effects such as coherent population trapping, electromagnetically induced transparency, index enhancement without absorption, etc. these new effects have great potential for the control of the coherence properties of a medium, the production of high frequency lasers, the information storage and high precision measurements