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photologic synthesizer解釋

  • synthesizer: n. 合成者,合成物;〈尤指〉【電學】合成器,綜合器。

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  1. A 45 48 mhz pll frequency synthesizer for cordless phone receiver

  2. The instrument can also double as an electronic control for a full-size music synthesizer.

  3. Multifunction intelligent navigation synthesizer

  4. The subject derives from electronic equipment bureau of electronic information industry of department of general equipment of china. the subject researches dds ( direct digital frequency synthesizer ) signal source of the frequency agile signal generator. it plays a good role in the important pre - research project that is the test technology of tactics anti - jamming for communication transceiver synthesis

    本課題是總裝備部電子信息部電子裝備局下達的預研項目? ? 《戰術抗干擾通信電臺綜合測試技術》中的信號源部分(捷變頻信號發生器中的dds信號源部分) 。
  5. The carrier wave is modulated directly by the baseband signal at several frequency point in l band and s band. firstly, this paper clarifies the theory of i / q modulation, elaborates evm and acpl, and analyzes the effect of amplitude and phase unbalance and dc offset on evm. secondly we review the basic principle of phase locked loop and it ’ s composing parts, including the basic conception and design method of pll frequency synthesizer, especially introduce the charge pump pll frequency synthesizer in detail

    首先,在闡述i / q正交調制基本原理的基礎上,通過對誤差矢量和鄰近通道功率泄漏的詳細分析,定性、定量地討論了各種非理想電路因素(如相位不平衡、幅度不平衡、直流偏差等)對調制器性能的影響;其次,介紹了鎖相環的工作原理和基本組成部分,包括鎖相環的設計和環路濾波器的設計,特別詳述了電荷泵鎖相頻率源;第三,介紹了採用直接調制技術模擬衛星信號的射頻前端的設計;最後,對整個直接射頻調制系統進行測試,結果基本上達到了課題要求。