photorealistic rendering中文意思是什麼

photorealistic rendering解釋

  • rendering: n. 1. 翻譯,譯文;表現,描繪;演出,演奏。2. 提煉,煉油,熬油。3. (墻壁的)初塗,打底;粉刷;抹灰。4. (滑車上繩索的)放出。

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  1. Have you heard his rendering of beethoven ?

  2. Sequentially, the author discussed the technologies of medical image 3d visualization according to the clinical applications. with the development of computer, 3d visualization and computer graphics, the 3d visualization of medical images has progressed from fourier transform and convolve inverse projection to mpr ( multi - planar reformation, mpr ) and mtp ( maximum intensity projection, mtp ), nowadays, the real 3d reconstruction method, surface and volume rendering has risen. the image registering, image segmentation, pixel data set construction and 3d special interpolation are the key technologies in medical images 3d reconstruction

  3. Of course since rendering is done by the blender rendering engine in core memory and by the main cpu of your machine, a graphic card with hardware acceleration makes no difference at rendering time

  4. Wait till you hear him, simon, on ben dollard s singing of the croppy boy. - immense, martin cunningham said pompously. his singing of that simple ballad, martin, is the most trenchant rendering i ever heard in the whole course of my experience

    「了不起, 」馬丁坎寧翰用誇張的口氣說, 「馬丁啊,他把那支純樸的民歌唱絕了,是我這輩子所聽到的氣勢最為磅礴的演唱。 」
  5. Steel lathing for internal plastering and external rendering - specification for expanded metal and ribbed lathing