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  • physics: n. 〈通常用作單數〉 1. 物理學。2. 物理過程;物理現象;物理性質;物理成分。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • organic: adj 1 【醫學】器官的;器質性的;有機體的;【化學】有機的 (opp inorganic)。2 有組織的,有系統的...
  • semiconductors: 半導體產品

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  1. Activated carbon, alumina are often used to remove many types of organic materials from aqueous streams.

  2. " for his investigations of the physics of the upper atmosphere especially for the discovery of the so - called appleton layer

  3. Aldehyde a type of organic compound with the general formula rcho, where the - cho group ( the baldheaded group ) consists of a carbonyl group attached to a hydrogen atom

    醛:一種組成為rcho的有機化合物, - - cho基團(醛基團)是由碳酰基結合氫原子形成的。
  4. Xps studies of phthalocyanines organic semiconductors

  5. Bionic of architecture out - look pay attention to the enlightenment of beauty of nature bring to mankind ; bionic of architecture structure pass to undergo special composition structure of organism of natural selection - for instance the research of the stem pole of the fiber, plant, skeleton of the animal, etc., and apply them to the structure design of architecture, it is an important way to structure innovates ; bionic of architecture function pay attention to studying the characteristic of organic unity " of the organism, through function imitation of nature such as metabolism and nervous system, etc. we get many useful ideal to urban and architecture development ; the bionic of utilize of energy and material through understanding the organism utilizes energy and material method in depth, combine with physics, chemistry, electron, etc, every achievement of discipline create new energy and material utilizing way

    建築造型仿生注重自然形態美帶給人類在建築形態創造方面的啟示;建築結構仿生通過對經過自然選擇的生物體的特殊構成結構? ?如纖維、植物的莖桿、動物的骨骼等的研究,運用到建築結構設計中,是結構創新的重要途徑;建築功能仿生注重研究生物體的「有機統一性」特點,通過對生物體內部機能如新陳代謝和神經系統等方面的模仿來組織建築功能或指導建築和城市及其環境的發展;建築的能源和材料利用仿生則通過深入了解生物體利用能源和材料的方法和過程,並結合物理、化學、電子等各學科的成果創造出新的能源和材料利用方式。