picket hill中文意思是什麼

picket hill解釋

  • picket: n 1 樁,尖樁;支柱;【電學】標橛。2 【軍事】步哨,哨兵;前哨,警戒哨[隊,船,飛機];?望者,把風者...
  • hill: n 希爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 小山〈英國通常指2000英尺以下的山丘〉;〈pl 〉丘陵。2 土堆,土墩。3 (道路的)...

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  3. A number of other types of information are also relayed into the computer, including information from picket ships, aew aircraft, ground observer corps , aircraft spotters, flight plans for both military and civilian aircraft, and weather information

    一些其他類型的信息也傳遞給了計算機,這些信息來自(雷達)哨艦, aew載預警飛機、地面觀測隊和空中偵查,還有軍用和民用飛機的飛行計劃、氣象等等信息
  4. Nobel : medicine : sir archibald vivian hill

  5. The hill was ever after called areopagus, " the hill of ares ", and the judges received the names of areopagitae

    從那以後,這座山就稱作雅典的最高法院,即「阿瑞斯之山」 ;而出審的法官們被稱作雅典最高法院的法官。