pipe rapture valve中文意思是什麼

pipe rapture valve解釋

  • pipe: n 1 管,導管,筒。2 煙斗,煙袋;一袋煙。3 〈古語〉笛,管樂器;【航海】(水手長的)哨子(聲);〈p...
  • rapture: n 狂喜;〈常 pl 〉歡天喜地。 recall childhood s raptures of delight 回憶幼時快樂。 be in [go into...
  • valve: n 1 【機械工程】閥,活門,舌門;汽門。2 【解剖學;動物學】瓣,瓣膜;(貝)殼瓣;【植物;植物學】...

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  1. In chapter 3 dissertates the selection of the pipe rupture valve and the design process of the complete set of the valve

  2. The blueprints are all made by autocad and the installation is emulated by pro / e. in chapter 4 a math model of the pipe rupture valve for the hydraulic elevator system is built

  3. Different - diameter pipes can reduce waterhammer pressure also ; the key is the matching between pipe and valve which is important

  4. Pipe rupture valve is able to close itself in the event of failure in the main cylinder line or where the down speed exceeds allowable limits in the hydraulic elevator system

  5. Brake pipe compensating valve