plane monochromator中文意思是什麼

plane monochromator解釋

  • plane: n 懸鈴木屬樹木。n 1 平面,水平面,面。2 (知識等的)發達程度,水平,階段。3 【航空】機翼面;〈常 ...
  • monochromator: 單光儀

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  1. Study on the thin sectional anatomy and normal ultrasonogram of the adrenal glands on the coronal plane

  2. For civil purpose. the biggest advantage of the flying air boat is that it can anything that a plane can do but at the cost roughly of one tenth, the time of staying in the air is very long ranging from 24hr. - 72hr.,

    飛艇最大的優點是凡是飛機能做的事飛艇幾乎全能做,但飛行成本比飛機便宜十幾倍,留空時間長,一般飛艇空中飛行時間可達24小時- 72小時,以上這些均是大型飛艇。
  3. He said several u. s. airports use the material that allows a points plane ' s wheels to sink in, and slow the air craft down

  4. The plane circled the airport before landing.

  5. Those that are aligned perpendicular to the plane are called axial hydrogens.