planetary trnamission中文意思是什麼

planetary trnamission解釋

  • planetary: adj. 1. 【天文學】行星的;由於行星作用的。2. 流浪的,不定的。3. 俗世的,現世的;地球的。4. 【機械工程】行星齒輪的。

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  1. Go with a nice mix of planetary assault carriers, shock troopers upgraded with plasma disc launchers, annihilator tripods, and devastator warships

  2. Planetary nebulae are a type of isolated gaseous nebulae possessing a fair degree of bilateral symmetry.

  3. An exhibit on celestial mechanics demonstrates the laws governing planetary motion

  4. Studying these giant planets and their weird satellites helps us understand not only the formation of the solar system but also the planetary systems of extrasolar worlds

  5. While the small telescopes set up at planetary society headquarters in pasadena, as well as telescopes at griffith observatory in los angeles, reported seeing nothing unusual at the time of impact, a brief explosion was captured by infrared cameras attached to the french canadian hawaiian telescope high atop mauna kea in hawaii