planned allocation of commodities中文意思是什麼

planned allocation of commodities解釋

  • planned: 按計劃的
  • allocation: n. 1. (原料等的)分配,配給。2. 配給物,配給量。3. 定位置,部署。4. 【會】(經費、收入等的)分配法。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • commodities: 商品期貨

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  1. Being based on distinct property rights adscription, favorable property rights bargaining, flexible property rights management, combination between rights and responsibility, property rights protection according to laws, and so on, under the condition of smooth transaction, the symmetric allocation of its rights and responsibilities practically means relations between property rights of human capital and its realization form

  2. He spoke a pleasant word or two about a pamphlet i had written in 1960 arguing for a large allocation of our resources to the public sector.

  3. The price of commodities have gone down.

  4. As the driving force behind downtown revitalization, mayor brown has been involved in such major downtown projects as the opening of bayou place and sesquicentennial park ; the planned expansion of george r. brown convention center ; and the construction of enron field, the hobby center for the performing arts, the convention center hotel, and the cotswold project, a plan to improve the streetscape in the northern portion of downtown

  5. For a long time, our country claiming to be vast territory and abundant resources and carrying out planned economics system, the chinese government did not pay more attention to optimal allocation of land resource. the aim of reform of urban land system that urban land should be allocated by market became bright and clear along with deepening practice of reform and theory research. because theory reearch laged behind practice development, theory did not give full scope to practice. as a kind of very important and basic product element, socialism market economics incorporates urban land allocated by market. but the reality is that degree of urban land allocated by market falls behind of other kinds of product elements. how to eliminate obstacle of reform course as quick as possible and promote the realization of urban land allocated by market, many theory problems should be answered. that is the background and start of the study