plate bowl pot中文意思是什麼

plate bowl pot解釋

  • plate: n 1 厚金屬板 〈cf sheet〉 板(片);(記有姓名等的金屬)牌子,(尤指醫生的)招牌,藏書牌;【印刷...
  • bowl: n 1 缽,碗;一缽〈碗〉的量;〈美國〉盤,盆。2 〈詩〉飲器,大杯;〈比喻〉烈酒;歡宴,狂飲。3 碗狀...
  • pot: n 1 壺,瓶,罐;缽,(深)鍋。2 【冶金】坩堝。3 一壺[缽、瓶、罐、鍋]之量。4 壺中物;酒;飲酒;酗...

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  1. Invert cooled cake onto serving plate. stir together all glaze ingredients in small bowl ; drizzle over cooled coffee cake. garnish with sliced almonds

  2. A soup spoon should be left in the bowl or on the plate

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