plate shape control中文意思是什麼

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  • plate: n 1 厚金屬板 〈cf sheet〉 板(片);(記有姓名等的金屬)牌子,(尤指醫生的)招牌,藏書牌;【印刷...
  • shape: Shape=Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (北大西洋公約組織的)歐洲盟軍最高司令部。n 1...
  • control: n 1 支配,管理,管制,統制,控制;監督。2 抑制(力);壓制,節制,拘束;【農業】防治。3 檢查;核...

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  1. Shape control in ultra thin hot strip plant at tang steel

  2. Simulation of the shape control characteristics of 4 - high cvc hot steel strip mill

  3. The second example is to study the problem of shape control for the composite plate structure. finally, the plate and shell test pieces are designed and manufactured using rtm. they all are expected as the base of the research on adaptive blade with piezoelectric actuators

  4. Shape control is the key technique and international latest research discussion

  5. As far as the technique is concerned, theoretical basis and key scientific problem is the theory and mathematic model of shape control