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  • platelet: n. 1. 小片;小型板狀物。2. 【醫學】血小板,凝血細胞(=thrombocyte)。
  • released: 發放
  • factor: n 1 〈英國〉經銷人;(代客買賣收取傭金的)經紀人;代理商;代辦人;〈蘇格蘭語〉 土地經管人。2 要素...

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    把在地表引爆的大型核彈換成在地下引爆的小型核彈,或許真的能減少20 %的放射性落塵,但無論如何都不能說小型核彈乾凈。
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  4. Methods : in the present experiment, acid dehydroxy amino acid analysis and isoelectric focusing in polyacylamide gels were used and the amino acid composition and isoelectric point of porcine platelet - derived growth factor were studied

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