pneumatic forming中文意思是什麼

pneumatic forming解釋

  • pneumatic: adj 1 空氣的;似空氣的,氣體的;空氣學(上)的。2 【機械工程】壓縮空氣推動的;汽動的;風動的。3 ...
  • forming: device

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  1. The pulse pneumatic conveying system has been a important transporting method for grain material, because of lower velocity, higher ratio of blend and a littler gas, as well as shattering less materiel, abrasing pipeline and easy recovery

  2. A black hole can accrete matter into itself as the matter falls or is pulled towards it. the accreting material then orbits around the black hole, forming an accretion disk

  3. Method for pneumatic test of dissolved acetylene cylinders

  4. Not only the neurons but also the as in the rat brain play a very important role in the process of the peripheral nociceptive stimulation ; ? he newly - found eda may be the functional intercommunication ultrastructure between neurons and as, through which the as could modulate the neurons in the pain signal processing ; @ as might play an active and important role for modulation of pain through a new pathway from the peripheral afferent nerve to the as, then to neurons via electron - dense areas forming the glia - neuron s ignaling network

  5. It shows well-defined wavelengths which are characteristic of the structure of the metal forming the anode.