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  • pneumatic: adj 1 空氣的;似空氣的,氣體的;空氣學(上)的。2 【機械工程】壓縮空氣推動的;汽動的;風動的。3 ...
  • shock: n 1 沖突;沖撞;沖擊;突擊。2 震動;沖動;激動。3 感動;憤慨;驚愕;震驚。4 地震。5 【醫學】休克...
  • absorption: n. 1. 吸收,合併。2. 專心,一心不亂,熱中 (in)。3. 〈口語〉飲食。

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  1. Based on newmark ' s step - by - step implicit integration method, the response analyses of a tunnel are performed by using viscous - spring artificial boundary under various earthquake accelerations and multiform conditions of surround rock. the seismic responses of the tunnel are calculated by changing parameters of surround rock within the tunnel some ranges. two kinds of shock absorption measures, which are setting shock layer and reinforcing surround rock are studied and shock absorption effects, applicable to cases and shock mechanism are analyze

  2. 5 custom programs, 3 goal programs - multiple shock absorption system, nano - silver

    5項自設編程, 3個目標編程
  3. This overview highlights selected algorithmic solver code advances in the used simulation tools, the use and the modelling of new materials for crash energy absorption, concept car design techniques, massive parallel programming and performance gains, side impact barrier modelling, mechanical occupant surrogate modelling ( dummies ), biomechanical models of human parts, as well as extensions of crash simulation techniques to the simulation of drop tests for appliances, shock absorption of a mars lander, etc

    內容包括作為模擬手段的計算程序的最新進展,新的緩沖材料的應用和模擬,大規模并行程序的編制和性能的增加,側撞障礙物模擬,乘客模型(假人) ,生物人體部件模型,碰撞模擬技術擴展應用到設備跌落試驗和火星著陸艙的緩沖等。
  4. Shock - part : situated exactly where the heel is most subjected to body weight, this shock - part helps provide the best possible shock absorption, thereby protecting knees, hips and back

  5. They are designed for adhering to rough surface, fixing the nameplate, sealing and shock absorption, e. g. hook fixation, household electrical appliance shock resistance etc