pointwise uniformity中文意思是什麼

pointwise uniformity解釋

  • pointwise: 逐點的
  • uniformity: n. 1. 一樣,一律,一式,劃一,一致。2. 均勻;無變化,單調。

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  1. Most striking is the architectural uniformity

  2. The structure of air - blast pipe was improved on. an orienting object was installed based on theoretical analysis, that increase the spraying span. it has been found that both spraying span and droplets uniformity improved, by installing the orienting object. according to the results of a great number of experiments, orderliness of droplets diameter along the spraying span was researched, and rational spraying span of air - assisted sprayer was suggested

  3. To break down the excessive uniformity and claustrophobia of the proposed design that asks for closed blocks of six storey buildings ; this apartment volume was developed as a reference point for the city extension and region at large

  4. Study on the uniformity design optimization co2 fluid extract of pieplant anthraquinone

  5. The prototype is made by a concave sphere primary and a plane secondary deposited the mo / si multilayer on the fused quartz substrates. the reflectivity peak and the reflectivity uniformity of the multilayer mirrors are respectively 25 % and around + 2. 5 % at 17. 1nm

    望遠鏡主鏡為球面,次鏡為平面,所用反射鏡為在熔石英基底上鍍制mo si多層膜的euv波段反射鏡,在17 . 1nm的反射率25 ,反射率的均勻性2 . 5 。