policy of charges transformed taxes中文意思是什麼

policy of charges transformed taxes解釋

  • policy: n 1 政策,政綱;方針,方向;方法。2 策略;權謀;智慧;精明的行為。3 【軍事】政治,行政。4 〈蘇格...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • charges: 棒球隊隊員
  • transformed: 使. . . 變形
  • taxes: 賦稅制度

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  1. He considered that the policy of the state department had been affronted.

  2. " creation of peak, aureole reflect " i peak enterprising spirit of chinese, we inherit long - term service customer, innovative policy of development, pursue customer ' s satisfied smile, create beautiful tomorrow constantly

  3. The regulation of charges by higher education requires unifying the charging policy and strengthening the supervision of charges

  4. The problems of arbitrary charges by higher education lie in the imperfection of the charging policy, the lack of strict supervision, the great spontaneity and the less publicity of charges

  5. The customer agrees to pay all transportation charges, duties, taxes, surcharges, governmental penalties and fines, storage charges, charges incurred as a result of customs or failure by the customer or the consignee to provide proper documentation or to obtain a required license or permit, charges that are pre - paid by ups, ups s legal costs, and any other expenses that are assessed or incurred in connection with shipments tendered by the customer ( collectively, " additional charges " )

    「客戶」同意支付所有運費、關稅、稅捐、附加費用、政府罰款及罰金、倉儲費用、及由海關收取或因「客戶」或收件人未提供適當文件或未取得必要的許可或核準而造成的費用、 ups預付的費用、 ups的法律費用、及任何因「客戶」所委託的運送而徵收或發生的其它費用(合稱「額外費用」 ) 。