音標 [pə'lu:tənt]
n. 名詞 污染物〈尤指放入水中和空氣中的有害的化學物質〉。


    1. Coal itself is a heavy pollutant.

    2. In the model the film thickness in the passage was obtained at first using two phase flow theory ; then, similar analysis solution of concentration distribution of the pollutant in liquid phase and biofilm was obtained through mass component equation of pollutant in gas - liquid phases combined with the biochemical kinetic equation of mass transfer in biofilm and dismission of oxygen limited ; at last, the distribution of pollutant along the filter height and the waste gas purification efficiency were obtained

    3. According to the diagnoses of agricultural pollutant kinds, quantity and extent in taizhou, applying the systems engineering theory, using the prevention and cure experiences of advanced area for reference, the synthetic prevention and cure countermeasures of agricultural pollution are excogitated which include administrate mechanism, restraining technology, rule of law, scientific layout and devoted mechanism etc

    4. The main pollutant indexes in the river are cod and total hg

    5. At any time the macrophage system might be injured by viral infection or air pollutant exposure.