• n: 1. 【羅馬數字】90〈N=90000〉。2. 【化學】=nitrogen. 3. =North(ern)。N =nuclear 核的:N-waste 核廢料。
  • oxide: n. 【化學】氧化物。 antimony oxide 銻白,氧化銻。 deuterium oxide 重水,氧化氘。 mercuric oxide 氧化汞。 nitric oxide 一氧化一氮。
  • e: (pl E s e s )1 英文字母表第五字母。2 【音樂】E調,E音。3 E字形。4 〈美國〉(順序)第五等,(成...


  1. : methods of analysis of wood preservatives and treated timber - quantitative analysis of preservatives containing bis tri - n - butyltin oxide : determination of total tin

  2. Abstract : by experiment, the effect of b2o3 on high - temperature performance of magn esium refractory was analysed systematically. the mechanism of boron contaminatio n in the process of magnesium oxide synthesis with bittern or sea water and the way of preparing magnesium oxide with low boron content were described

  3. Effect of electroacupuncture at point zusanli on serum nitric oxide i n rabbits with lesion of gastric mucosa

  4. N. ozer, optical and electrochemical characteristics of sol - gel deposited tungsten oxide films : a comparison, thin solid films, 304 pp. 310 - 314 ( 1997 )

    黃獻慶,均勻與組成調制氮化鉭薄膜在銅金屬化的擴散阻礙性質評估,逢甲大學材料科學與工程研究所碩士論文( 2000 )
  5. Cellulose products are commonly prepared through the well - known viscose process or the cuprammonium method. both these two methods have serious environmental pollution. the green nmmo process using n - methyl - morpholine - n - oxide ( nmmo ) as the direct solvent of cellulose can be used to prepare the biodegradable cellulose membranes with improved mechanical properties and controllable pores

    90年代開發的nmmo工藝採用n -甲基嗎啉- n -氧化物( nmmo )作為直接溶劑來溶解纖維素,利用該綠色工藝可以制備力學性能優越、可生物降解、微孔孔徑易於控制的纖維素膜。