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  1. Callus induction, bud differentiation and adventitious root regeneration from leaves of populus tomentosa

  2. Objective : to analyze constituents of volatile oil from gaultheria yunnanensis

  3. Methods : the constituents of volatile oil from gaultheria yunnanensis. was investigated by spme / gc / ms

    方法:利用固相微萃取氣相色譜質譜( spme / gc / ms )聯用技術對透骨香揮發油的化學成分進行了研究。
  4. Genetic relationship between parents and hybrid progenies of populus alba l. 215 ; ulmus pumila l. using aflp marker

    標記研究銀白楊215 ;白榆的親子關系
  5. In the natural condition, the following five stages are the plant restoration and succession process of luota : populus adenopoda shrub forest, rhus chinensis, pyracantha fortweana shrub forest, liquidambar formosana, corizria sinica forest, pinus massoniana, carpinus rurczaninowii forest, karst evergreen - deciduous forest